Disc filters are normally used for tertiary microfiltration of civil/industrial primary water and wastewater to obtain effluent suitable for reuse. For this reason, the machine must be able to deliver particularly clear effluent containing low amounts of organic matter, substances, sands and suspended solids.

Specialized in the design and production of wastewater depuration equipment, our company can supply standard or customized stainless steel disc filters according to specific customer needs.

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The X-DF disc filter is designed to perform wastewater microfiltration during the final treatment phase.   High separation performance is achieved thanks to a canvas made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with a 20 μm clear opening width. As the water flows from the inside to the outside, suspended solids are retained by the screen to prevent material build-up in the storage tank. The machine is equipped with a washing system fitted with nozzles, which activates when the water inside the tank reaches the preset level.


The water entering the X-DF machine through the apposite inlet flange is conveyed through a pipe placed at the center of the machine up to the screening sections of the X-DF machine. During the screening phase, the discs do not activate until they are clogged by the material accumulated on the canvas, thus causing the water inside the tank to rise. At this point, the rotary motion imparted by the discs activates the washing system located at the top. The counter current motion of the washing system keeps the canvases clean.

The solids retained by the canvases are pushed by the backwash water flow into the special channel located inside the central pipe. From there, the solids continue to flow towards the discharge flange.

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