Rotary drum screens are designed for fine screening of civil and industrial effluent. They can also be used for screening wastewater coming from industrial processing plants.

There are basically 3 models of rotary drum screens that we provide for you:

  • Model X-DRUM: It can perform fine microfiltration and is perfect for mounting on small and medium-sized plants, especially purification systems.
  • Model X-INT. DRUM: the rotational motion in the inner surface of the cylinder allows the flow to be fed to the machine head. Compared with the previous model, solid components are brought to fall out of the discharge.
  • Model X-SRD/XSRD.D: single and dual-motorized, these drum screens are specially designed and manufactured to separate the liquid part from the solid part.

Contact us for information on our dual motorized machines for solid / liquid separation and rotary drum screens for fine micro-screening processes. We carefully evaluate your needs to provide personalized quotes inclusive of detailed prices.



Rotary drum screens are designed to perform fine grit micro-screening and are installed upstream of small and medium-sized civil and industrial depuration plants. The effluent flows and laps the surface of the rotary drum screen perpendicular to the direction of the hole between the bars. The screened liquid passes through the screen holes and is discharged into a tank located under the cylinder, whereas solids are trapped on the cylinder surface and diverted to an apposite container by friction of the overflow blade.



This is an internally fed screening device where the effluent, after entering the headbox, is distributed by rotation over the internal rotating surface of the screening cylinder. Solids remain trapped on the screen surface while liquids pass through the openings.  As the screen rotates, solids roll across the screening surface and are intercepted by spiral welded diverter flights and conveyed to the discharge end of the cylinder.   After that, by means of a subsequent rotary motion, the solids are conveyed towards the machine end and discharged.



X-SRD and X-SRDD screens (dual motor) are used in solid/liquid separation processes. They can be installed inside a concrete channel or a tank where liquids are fed directly from a fixed pipeline.