Static bar screens are designed to remove suspended particulate solids from incoming effluent at civil or industrial depuration plants. This operation rules out the risk of the solids settling in subsequent sections of the plant.

We guarantee that our screens, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, are sturdy and resistant to atmospheric agents.

If you are looking for the perfect manually – operated cleaning machine for inlet screening  works, we can provide you with customized bar/basket screens. Contact us to request a personalized quote.



This self-cleaning static screen consists of a screening surface composed of plastic sectors embedded in a structure made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel. A series of transversal slats that are used for adjusting the clear opening width of the screen are located on the surface. The machine, which is easy to operate and perfectly manageable, delivers excellent results in primary screening processes carried out at depuration plants.

The machine is equipped with a device for collecting the screened material, with a perforated bottom plate for draining wastewater. The plate is easy to remove.



Ideal for primary screening operations in very deep sites (channels, pits, etc). Composed of a basket with bars made entirely of AISI stainless steel, this machine is operated via a pulley. The lateral guides allow for the machine to be installed in pits with very large inlet diameters.

The screen openings are adjustable at the client’s request and are suitable for screening bulky waste.

The screen basket is lifted by the pulley up to the treading surface where the screenings are unloaded. It is then returned to its original location on the bottom.

The entire process is controlled by limit switch sensors.



The manually operated X-Bar bar screen, used for performing manual cleaning operations, is the ideal solution for inlet screening works at wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, drains, and so on. The screenings are removed from the screening area by a hand rake and sent to the discharge chute.

A major feature of this machine is the absence of mechanical components submerged in wastewater, thus ensuring high durability of the machine over time. The X-Basket screen instead is used in manual or automatic screening of sewage coming from sewer lines or industrial pipelines.

The machine, highly performant and simple to use, screens the wastewater by gravity inside the basket according to different spacing options.


The screening degree must be selected based on the type and quantity of the material being treated and the depuration scheme adopted, as well as the number and size of the channels, in case the machine is to be installed in existing ones.

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