Our combined systems for pre-treating sewage deriving from septic tanks carry out, all in one unit, various mechanical primary operations such as screening, screenings treatment, sand separation and classification, grease separation and removal.

Our company, specialized in the design and construction of machines for pre-treating sewage deriving from septic tanks, drains and industrial effluent, offers a full range of standard and customized solutions. All our systems are fitted with a Perrot coupling for connecting tankers, and are designed with a particular focus on odour removal.

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This machine is designed to pre-treat sewage deriving from septic tanks, drains or industrial effluent transported by tankers. Such sewage must be pre-treated before being introduced into a depuration plant. The sewage passes through a perforated screen to remove suspended solids that are larger than the screen openings. By means of a screw conveyor, the trapped material is moved to the top of the machine where it is washed and compressed before being discharged.


The machine consists of a reception tank fitted with a quick coupling and a motorized ball valve, plus a screw screen equipped with a final compaction system. According to the wastewater level,  a bar level sensor mounted inside the tank automatically controls the opening and closing of the inlet valve. In this way, the tanker unloading process is automated, thus lifting the burden from the operator. The screening, conveyor and compactor units are equipped with a washing system to remove the organic content from the screenings before they are compressed and discharged.

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