Thanks to our vast experience in the field of industrial and civil water treatment, we are able to respond to any kind of demand for customized grit washers, according to the customer’s needs.

Our company designs and develops machines that are able to perform two simultaneous operations: separation of grit from wastewater and washing of organic substances.

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These machines are able to simultaneously separate grit from wastewater and wash organic substances. The wastewater enters the hopper through the screw conveyor inlet and is kept in motion by a central agitator. The rotating motion imparted to the water facilitates sand sedimentation while organic matter is held in suspension. The grit sinks to the bottom where it undergoes further washing with clean water flowing in the opposite direction, and is finally extracted by a screw conveyor.


Grit washers consist of a tapered settling hopper equipped with an agitator and connected to a solids screw extractor fitted with a central shaft. Normally, helicoid flights are connected directly to the gear motor via a flanged shaft. A device located at the bottom of the hopper injects clear water in the opposite direction to remove organic substances from the sand in order to make it reusable. The water that flows in the opposite direction facilitates the ascent of organic substances, which are discharged at regular intervals through a special duct. The clarified water, instead, is discharged through a second duct located at the top of the tapered hopper. The water is churned constantly to enable the sand to pass from the hopper to the discharge screw, which conveys it towards the outlet.

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