This new range of machines provides a solution to the increasing problem of thickening and sludge dewatering. It certainly represent a valid alternative to the machines currently used such as, for example, a conventional dynamic thickener. The thickener – dehydrator has been developed in two different versions: the X-RA, and the X-RAD, both modular. The model X-RA is composed of a reactor for the flocculation and a dynamic thickener. In the version X-RAD is installed, in addition to the previous ones, the module for the mechanical dewatering of the sludge. The module for the mechanical dewatering of the sludge can also be installed at a later stage, and allows to avoid the plant stoppage.

Indeed, in the case in which X-RAD is installed in combination with other equipment for the dewatering of sludge (eg. centrifuge, belt press..), and that the latter needs a maintenance (ordinary or extraordinary), the third module will replace the function of the one in maintenance.

X-RA and X-RAD have, inside the drum, a screw conveyor with shaft with a conical section. Before the drum, the flocculation takes place, thanks to the addition of the polyelectrolyte into the sludge, which subsequently reaches the dynamic thickener. In this module, washing nozzles at high pressure constantly maintain clean the screen basket (necessary and essential condition for the result), that usually is of wedgewire type. On request, installing a system of self-cleaning nozzles, is possible to use as backWash water the one recovered from the collection hopper, positioned under the drainage area. Depending on the concentration of mud in the input, this type of machine can get to manage a flow of sludge in input up to 25-30 m3/h. The main materials of construction are stainless steel AISI 304 and stainless steel AISI 316.

On request, can be supplied, in addition, the system of preparation and dosing of polyelectrolyte (in the version with storage tank in stainless steel or polyethylene) and can be included the electrical control panel and can be studied customizations requested by the customer, in order to make the machine adaptable to any existing plant or not.

The main advantages are:

  • Low installation and management costs
  • Completely closed and compact unit, which limits odors and, in general, the environmental impact in the place where it is installed.
  • Reduced energy consumption for its use.
  • Machines do not have any zone or area prone to wear and tear caused by the rubbing of metal parts, and therefore the costs of maintenance and management are in general very low.


Typical installations are those of the X-RA upstream of a centrifuge, a belt press, or any other machine for sludge dewatering and, given the high returns that the X-RA can provide, install it before any of these equipment, optimize the process. In the version X-RAD, with the addition of the module for the mechanical dehydration of the sludge, the machine can be used for installations of civil or industrial plant, with small / medium size, as a single solution, avoiding the use of other systems for dehydration.


X-RA and X-RAD

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